Octopi – Timelapse – Watermark Removal

The timelapse feature in Octopi is awesome.  It is even better with the pesky little octopus in the bottom left corner.  I will walk you the steps to remove the watermark from your videos.

You will need to SSH into your Raspberry Pi.

You will need to install Putty or WinSCP to SSH into your Raspberry Pi.  I will not cover that in this tutorial.  If you are not sure how to SSH into your Raspberry Pi, go learn how to do that and come back here.  There are thousands of tutorials on the internet but basically you will enter the IP address and SSH port number (typically 22) and your username and password to get to the terminal.

Once at the terminal, you will need to type the following command to get to the correct directory.

cd ~/.octoprint/

Next, type the command to open the config.yaml file to change the watermark setting.

sudo nano config.yaml

Edit the config.yaml file by pressing down on the keyboard until you get to the webcam settings.  You will need to either create the watermark line in this file or change the setting from true to “false” by typing over the current configuration.

ffmpeg:  /usr/bin/avconf
watermark:  false

Below is an example of my configuration with the watermark removed.

Press Control+X to exit.  Save the file and reboot your Raspberry Pi.

You are done.  Enjoy a watermark free image.


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